• Fellowship BPE

    I was delighted to be awarded the Fellowship of the BPE (British Photographic Exhibitions) at the end of May 2015. This UK organisation runs an award scheme through its member National Exhibitions. The scheme rewards entrants who are successful in having their work accepted for exhibition and are awarded various prizes and medals. Exhibition acceptances are aggregated until, with 300 acceptances, a BPE5 (5 crown award) can be achieved. Associateship Once the 5 Crown award has been achieved, a candidate may go on to work for the Associateship. This requires A further 100 acceptances in member exhibitions  and Twenty awards using at least ten different pieces of work. Fellowship On achieving the…

  • Southport Open Exhibition of Photography

    Southport Exhibition of Photography 2015 This year, Southport Photographic Society are celebrating their 68th Annual Open Exhibition of Photography, run under the auspices of the BPE (British Photographic Exhibitions). I feel that I have had a great affinity for Southport Photographic Society for many years and I hope that I am seen as a friend of the club by their members. Southport was one of the first clubs where I judged a regular photographic competition and one of the first where I delivered a lecture, back in what now seems to be the mist of time and it was the first BPE Exhibition of Photography that I entered, the first…

  • Gothic

    The Gothic theme seems to have captured my imagination this year. We’re returning to Whitby in October to look for some more interesting characters and maybe meet up with some of our models from earlier in the year, though, taking your own model is also good and some of you will recognise a heavily made up Mike Lawrence in a couple if pix below! The Offer… Widow The Secret Cold Comfort

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