46th Smethwick International Exhibition Results

I didn’t get around to entering any exhibitions last year, so this year I was lucky to have enough images to enter the Smethwick International, one of my favourites. This is in spite of a rather poor year in producing salon-type creative images, though a rather good year in developing my skills in nature photography.

Smethwick was one of the first internationals where we were able to actually visit to see the prints on the wall. We have often travelled down in the snow and ice of the New Year to see the exhibition at the Old Schoolhouse and to meet up with friends…but this year, due to restrictions, it had to be an entirely digital exhibition.

I was delighted to receive my results a couple of days ago and to find out that I had achieved 15 acceptances and three awards, which are shown below. Even better, almost all the accepted images received a score of 13-15, which bodes well for using them again…happy happy!

My acceptance list included a mix of favourite images and seven new ones and I was especially pleased that one of my local landscapes, taken just over a mile from home, was one of the acceptances…also an ugly dung fly, which some folks don’t like!

The exhibition this year had its largest ever entry, of just over 10,400 images and there will be a 100 page A4 catalogue – can’t wait to see it! It means a lot of hard work for the organisers and I am sure that the judges worked hard too. Thanks to all!

Awarded images

Gypsy Rider was awarded a Selector’s Medal. Prim and Proper plus Demon Dentist were awarded ribbons.

Remaining acceptances

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