Exhibition Acceptances and Awards 2014

Frome Salon 2014

Coming back from the disappointment of the Dingwall Salon, to receive four awards at Frome, including 2 selector’s first place awards and a silver medal. Unusually for me, only one third of the images are “creative (created!)”.


Dingwall 2014

Only Amy, Ensemble and Profile were selected from an entry of 12 and they are all straight images, so it makes this my worst result of the year. All my top 2014 images bombed! I had a similar result from Dingwall last year, so it looks as if creative images are not well received there.

Yorkshire Salon 2014

This is the first Yorkshire Salon and is a FIAP International, with altered reality, nature and open sections. I received 8 acceptances and a Hon mention for “Naughty and Nice”

Guernsey Salon 2014


Shrewsbury National Salon 2014

My 193rd salon entered since 2002 and 8 images accepted with the following five awards:

Naughty and Nice – 2nd row, left – PAGB Silver Medal, selector’s choice

Amy – top right – PAGB ribbon

Profile – top left – PAGB ribbon

Demonised – bottom right – BPE ribbon

Rise of the dark Angel – 3rd row, left – BPE ribbon



Swansea International Exhibition 2014

Accepted and awarded images:


Great Barr 2014

Accepted and awarded images:

gt barr 2014

RPS International Images for Screen 2014

This is the first time I have entered the RPS Exhibition, so was very pleased to win the PSA Gold Medal for Creative work plus ribbons for “Rise of the Dark Angel” and “Naughty and Nice”. Especially pleased to have my “Damselfly with Prey” accepted, the first time out.


Acceptances and Awards Beyond Group Photographic Salon 2014

“Defender” was Commended


Acceptances and Awards 3rd South Devon Salon 2014

The images below were accepted in the 3rd South Devon Salon.

“RISE OF THE DARK ANGEL” Medal – FIAP Gold – Best Fantasy
“NAUGHTY AND NICE” Medal – Silver
“DANSE D’AMOUR” Honourable Mention

Gallery: click to enlarge

Acceptances and Awards Midland Salon 2014

The pictures in the Midland Salon set below will enlarge on click to show a gallery. I was very pleased to have 15 out of my 16 entries accepted and seven awards.

“The Collector” was awarded a FIAP Gold Medal
“Rise of the Dark Angel” was awarded a FIAP Silver Medal
“Naughty and Nice” was awarded a FIAP Ribbon
“Danse D’amour” was awarded a UPI Ribbon
“Memories” was awarded a Highly commended
“Sweet Sorrow” was awarded a Highly commended
“Joker” was awarded a Highly commended

Gallery: click to enlarge

Acceptances and Awards Salon International Photographique “Le Catalan”

My recent return to FIAP exhibitions abroad has paid off with a good set of results from Le Catalan in Perpignan, South of France. My twelve accepted images are shown below. I also received a FIAP Gold medal for “Naughty and Nice” and was also awarded a Trophy Le Catalan for being winner of the Open Colour Section…I presume that is for the highest aggregate score in the section. That’s nice 😉

The scoring is not clear, but seems to have been a voting system where an average mark is taken for the accepted works. I had another six entries that came within 0.6 of the accepted mark, so a “nice” result all round.

Here are the accepted works:

Le Catalan 2014, Perpignan, France
Le Catalan 2014, Perpignan, France


Accepted Images 3rd Danube International Exhibition, Serbia

Nine acceptances in the 3rd Danube Exhibition, 2 in “Water” section, 2 “Colour”, 2 “Mono”, 2 “Nature”
and 1 “Photojournalism”.

3rd Danube International Exhibition, Serbia


Accepted Images 3rd International Exhibition of Photography – Photo emotion 2014 – Banjaluka

3rd int. exhibition photography - Photo emotion 2014 - Banjaluka
Photo emotion 2014 – Banjaluka

Accepted Images 2nd Swiss International “Photo Contest 2014”

2nd Swiss International 2014

Accepted Images GDPU 2014

GDPU 2014

Accepted Images Robin Hood 2014


Accepted Images Rushden 2014

rushden 2014 600

Accepted Images Neath Salon 2014

Neath Salon 600

Accepted Images Scottish Salon 2014

Scottish 2014 600

Accepted images Vale of Evesham Exhibition 2014


Basingstoke BPE Exhibition 2014

Pleased with 10 acceptances in this section, though four of my mono images were marked down for being in the wrong section 🙁 Note to self to be more careful in future! More new images given a trial and happy to see acceptances with them. Basingstoke2014

101st Southampton International Exhibition

100% acceptance with four entries to this salon and one SCC Certificate for Danse d’Amour on its first time out. Happy about that. Southampton2014

Clay Cross BPE Salon 2014


Bristol International Salon 2014


Port Talbot International Salon 2014

Port Talbot 2014

Bebington Salon 2014

To start the year, eight acceptances from Bebington. Bebington-2014

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