Judging articles and reading list

During my time as Lecturers and Judges Secretary for the L&CPU, I was often asked to provide a reading list. On this page are some links to articles that may help. However, there is nothing better than attending the judges’ course and gaining experience of competitions at all levels.

Read widely on photography and art…hone your photographic skills. Enjoy!

Articles on this page are included as a wide reading list and opinions therein are not necessarily endorsed by the L&CPU.

Adi (Eddy) Sethna

These articles by Eddie Sethna are the best starting point for anyone wanting to begin judging at photographic club level.

An Analysis of Judging Part One by Dr. E. R. Sethna, July 1995, PSA Journal 

An Analysis of Judging Part Two by Dr. E. R. Sethna, July 1995, PSA Journal

Tony Wharton’s additional thoughts on natural history photography

Published here by kind permission of the author (Please note that rules on judging nature sometimes change, so be sure to obtain the rules for the competition you are judging).
Judging Natural History Photography

Northern Counties

Lots of thought provoking articles by Northern Counties Federation Judges on their web site at this link.

PAGB e-news special

Lots of interesting views in this PAGB e-news special.

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