Pictures to Exe Basics – Part 1

Video Tutorial – Pictures to Exe 6.5 – The Basics Part 1

Pictures to Exe is a popular and rapidly developing piece of software and the video tutorial here were made with version 5.6. At the time of writing this web page, PTE was up to version 6.5 but the essentials shown in this tutorial have not changed significantly, even in later versions of the software.

This first tutorial covers:

  • Bringing pictures into your show;
  • changing sizes of images in the window;
  • using the light box to rearrange or delete images from the show;
  • simulating the creation of a third image (the image created during the transition from one slide to another;
  • using a dark slide;
  • a first look at the objects and animations window to resize a slide;
  • setting the fade options and timing;
  • importing music into the project and setting basic project options.

Tip: to see the tutorials FULL SCREEN, click the 4-arrows button to the right side of the control bar.

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