• Building a Bird Gymnasium

    I've seen bird gyms made for indoor use to amuse pet budgies and parrots...so a couple of weeks ago, in late September, I decided that's what I needed...a series of outdoor natural branches and twigs to support "posing sticks". The article describes building the gym and shows the first few photographs.

  • A Few Minibeasts

    Insect photography can be frustrating…it’s not the right temperature or it’s too windy or it’s too wet and, above all, I prefer someone to go out with me! So, this year, opportunities have been far fewer than usual. Some subjects have been harder to find locally, apart from a surfeit of small skipper butterflies, as seen in my previous post. Oldham and its environs have been in local coronavirus lockdown measures, from 22nd August, and we’re forbidden to meet anyone from outside our own household, even outdoors, until Covid-19 comes down again. In this post, I’ve collected together some more of my favourite edits from recent weeks…but for now, it’s…

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