• Banded Demoiselle

    It’s a few years since I was able to get near enough to photograph a banded demoiselle, in good enough light and with little enough wind. Yesterday, for once, my planned photo shoot bore fruit. I’d arranged to meet a fellow photographer “early” at Reddish Vale Country Park. Early for him meant arrival at 5:30am. Early for me meant I struggled to get there by 6:15am! However, the temperature was still low enough for the insects to be quite docile and we spent a good half hour with a couple of male demoiselles before they decided they’d had enough of our company and flew away. We moved on to dung…

  • Lockdown Photography Round up of 2020

    As we come to the end of another year, how many of us could have foreseen, last Christmas, how 2020 would turn out? On the 9th March I did my last live photo-club judging, at Bramhall in Cheshire. That night I suggested that we bump elbows but, of course there’s always one or two who insist on giving the usual hug and kiss. We knew something was coming, but not how fast! I had already decided that I would cancel a talk on the 11th March, which would have been given to an audience of about 100 people…they were very good about it and re-scheduled for November (which of course…

  • Christmas Garden Birds

    Oh my, have we had some bad weather up here! We’ve had such a lot of dark midwinter weather, rain, wind and precious few days with any bright light to speak of. Consequently, my bird photography has been very hit and miss for a few weeks…in fact, all the birds disappeared from the garden for about three weeks in November…and I can only suppose that there were berries enough and to spare on the many hawthorn and holly bushes around here and possibly lots of seeds in the fields next to our house. Then suddenly they all returned and with hearty appetites too…so, we’re back in business. Then, two weeks…

  • Summer Birds

    My lock-down diary continues...with galleries of adult and juvenile birds in the garden, summer 2020, in the 5th and 6th months of isolation. I am not sure if it's the reduced air pollution or how I'm feeding them that is bringing so many birds to the garden this year.

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