BPE Exhibition Accepted Images 2023

Beyond Group Open Exhibition 2023

This really is my last of 2023! With a slightly different set of images, I was pleased to have 9 accepted into the exhibition and one ribbon.

Here they are:-

Robin Hood Open Exhibition 2023

I had decided that this would be my last exhibition of 2023, but must admit that success creates temptation to continue. I was very happy to have a fantastic 16 accepted images and two awards at the Robin Hood Exhibition organised by Nottingham and Notts PS. The awards were a Judge’s award (David Butler) for Warrior Princess, top left, and a PAGB Ribbon for Three Old Masters. Thanks to the judges and organisers.

Neath 2023

Seven selected for Exhibition at Neath, with two awards, the PAGB Gold Medal for “Demon Dentist” and a Selector’s Award for “Survivors”.

Rushden Open Exhibition 2023

I was really pleased to have 8 works accepted and 4 with awards at Rushden this year. The awarded images were: The Royal Swan (Selector’s Award), Bella, Burnham Lightnouse plus Washday Blues and a Curiousa Fish (all Highly Commended)

VECC Annual Exhibition – Photo2023 (Vale of Evesham)

Twelve more acceptances with a slightly different set of images and a BPE Ribbon for “Lennor”.


Southport Photographic Society, National Open Exhibition 2023

I was pleased to be awarded a Certificate for “Girl with Finch” and a total of twelve acceptances at this year’s Southport Exhibition. As the most successful entrant (due to the highest aggregate score), I was also awarded the Margaret Suddaby Memorial Trophy, which was a great honour.

Girl with Finch
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