Re-enactment Gallery

Re-enactment photographs from a variety of events from American Civil War to the 1940s. Many participants are involved in more than one type of re-enactment. They may be Victorians on weekend and Edwardian the next. Others are dedicated to one particular way of life, for example Saxon or Viking re-enactment. Below the gallery are some links to various re-enactment organisations in the UK.

Some re-enactment societies:

English Civil War Society Battles, living history and re-enactment.

The Sealed Knot – English Civil War Battles.

Clash of Steel A Directory of re-enactment societies.

American Civil War Society “The ACWS is the largest American Civil War re-enactment society in the UK. Members are drawn from all walks of life and come from all parts of the country.”

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