Fellowship BPE (Awarded Images)

Fellowship (BPE) Awarded Images

“The BPE exists to encourage photographers to enter exhibitions and to recognize successful entrants via the issue of the Crown Awards photographic distinctions. Exhibition members share ideas, promote each other’s exhibitions and generally work together to promote competitive photography.”

Once the Five Crown award has been achieved (requiring 300 accepted images in qualifying exhibitions), candidates are invited to apply for the Associateship (requiring a further 100 acceptances in member exhibitions and twenty new awards using at least ten different pieces of work.) After achieving the Associateship, candidates for the Fellowship must accrue a further 100 acceptances in qualifying exhibitions plus a further thirty awards (since gaining the ABPE) using at least fifteen different pieces of work which have not been previously awarded.

Below are some of the photographs that contributed with awards to my successful BPE Fellowship application in 2015.

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