Pictures to Exe Basics – Part 3

Introduction to panning and zooming

A simple tutorial to explain how to create a simple pan and zoom in Pictures to Exe. The tutorial includes:

  1. Starting with a project already open, import a panoramic photograph into it;
  2. file sizes;
  3. objects and animations palette (window);
  4. customise the timing for the slide and transition effect;
  5. keyframes;
  6. cover slide (fill screen);
  7. add a keyframe;
  8. define the movement;
  9. define beginning and end of the motion;
  10. cloning a keyframe;
  11. creating a zoom effect;
  12. playback within the animations palette;
  13. anti-shimmer (MIP mapping);
  14. changing the profile of the panning motion;
  15. a further look at the timeline

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