Kinder Stones on Pots’n’Pans Hill

Today I’m preparing a new talk for Harrogate PS and it will include some local pictures of Saddleworth. I love being up high just before the sun sets and I found, in my back catalogue, some pictures of the Kinder Stones on top of our local hill, some of which I hadn’t really looked at before. The hill of Pots’n’Pans is easily accessed on foot from our back gate and takes my husband about half an hour to reach the top. I take longer! and I linger for long periods to take pictures as I go. There is a small abandoned quarry near the top and the remains of stones standing at the edge of it make interesting shapes with the setting sun casting a warm glow. The Kinder Stones themselves are an untidy group of boulders on the top of the hill not far from the war memorial.

Like Saddleworth Poet, Ammon Wrigley (1861-1946), Saddleworth is a place I never tire of coming home to…

Home to old Saddleworth, home once more,
How my heart is stirred to its innermost core;
For I’ve been roaming and it’s a joy to go;
Up the hillside lane by the fields I know.

(Extract from “Home” by Ammon Wrigley)

The photographs will be projected at 1920×1200 pixels on a screen 4 metres by 2.5 metres. Can’t wait to see how they look!



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