Somerford Park Three Day Eventing

Today I spent a very happy half day at Somerford Park Farm for the the last day of the Three Day Event. In the company of a few friends, I had a fun time photographing the cross country event. As always, the water jump is my favourite part of the course – I just love those splashy pictures!

Backgrounds are a real problem at all such events, as are the red and white flags, marshals in high viz jackets, spectators and even parked cars, so it is particularly important to choose a spot where distractions are at a minimum and blank skies are eliminated….not always so easy! Add  to that the fact that the subject is moving – you might have picked an ideal framing for the photo, but following the moving horse means something unsightly can creep in, adding to the challenge…but then I am always up for a photographic challenge.

The weather was bright without too much contrast for much of the morning. We left just before the first major downpour of the day.

Here’s a set of minimally adjusted pictures to give a flavour of the day. Thanks to my photographer friends whose company was much appreciated.

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