• “My Father’s Boots”

    We went to a garden party today…well there was a garden and there was a party, but due to typical Saddleworth summer weather, the two never quite meshed, so we sat comfortably in the converted barn of our friend’s house, overlooking Alphin Hill enjoying food, wine and good company. Just before we left, another party guest suggested we look up an article on the web by Professor Roderick Arthur Smith, who was educated at Hulme Grammar School in Oldham before continuing his education at St John’s College Oxford followed by Queens College Cambridge. Professor Smith had walked the Saddleworth hills as a boy with his father and would have seen…

  • New website

    Spent most of last week re-creating my website and trying to get to grips with writing it in CSS instead of simply HTML…a big learning curve for me…anyhow it went online yesterday www.christinewiddall.co.uk Please check it out – there’s lots of new pictures in the galleries…and if you see a problem or broken link please let me know. Thanks.

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