• Southport Open Exhibition of Photography

    Southport Exhibition of Photography 2015 This year, Southport Photographic Society are celebrating their 68th Annual Open Exhibition of Photography, run under the auspices of the BPE (British Photographic Exhibitions). I feel that I have had a great affinity for Southport Photographic Society for many years and I hope that I am seen as a friend of the club by their members. Southport was one of the first clubs where I judged a regular photographic competition and one of the first where I delivered a lecture, back in what now seems to be the mist of time and it was the first BPE Exhibition of Photography that I entered, the first…

  • New Manipulations – Doodling on a Wet Bank Holiday

    I had such plans – so many events were happening over the Bank Holiday weekend, but the weather turned bad and my get up and go simply got up and went. Instead I stayed home Saturday and Sunday and did some file fiddling…and a few photoshop manipulations…with the following result. Colour manipulations:

  • Chains and Tears

    The beautiful Rachel wearing her chain mail head-dress…looks a bit medieval to me, so I added a castle… 😉 This is the first “creation” I made using a graphics tablet and pen. It felt a bit strange, but I was able to paint in hair much more easily than with a mouse. I need a lot more practice, but think I’m going to like working with a tablet!  

  • Recent images

    Regular appraisals at Wigan 10 really keep members on our toes. The usual scenario for me is to scramble round the day before and see what I have that I can process in time for the next day. All of the following images were made at the last minute and three of them from this week’s appraisal. My recent work has all been about performers…from dancers to actors and goths, to Medieval re-enactment characters. I think I am drawn to them because many are already far removed from the reality of everyday life and so they have a head start in making something that is “altered reality”…something to get me…

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