• Dystopian Ideas

    After my recent romantic and utopian images inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite artists, my thoughts turned to the creation of a dystopian theme, set after an imagined social, political and economic destruction of our safe and ordered world.

  • Warrior

    It’s ages since I had fun making a composite, as I have spent the last few months on writing a photography-related book. But last night, with only a programme on TV about jet planes (sorry, yawn, yawn) to compete for my attention, I made a start on something new. The subject is Claire and the background is in Devon. Deciding on the different elements is a challenge. Backgrounds are difficult for me, as I never seem to have enough of them. Deciding when an image is finished is even more difficult…deciding if it any good, impossible. Perhaps all composites should therefore be considered to be a work in progress until they have…

  • Today’s Doodle

    Concentrating on Saddleworth Moor backgrounds for many of my recent pictures…though the tree was extracted from a site nearer to Meltham on the tops. I’ve tried to create a soft colour combination for this beautiful goth girl.  

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