• Today’s Doodle

    Concentrating on Saddleworth Moor backgrounds for many of my recent pictures…though the tree was extracted from a site nearer to Meltham on the tops. I’ve tried to create a soft colour combination for this beautiful goth girl.  

  • Armed and Dangerous

    Gave myself a couple of hours off today and decided to have a look through my catalogue of images from recent shoots to find something that I could edit dramatically, so the lovely Samantha acquired a pair of flashing green eyes. It was fab to see her and her family, in November, and hope she doesn’t mind me taking liberties! Samantha – armed and dangerous Let it rain …one for Debbie Sutherland who always looks fabulous… Leah This is the first time I photographed Leah…what a beautiful girl!

  • Fellowship BPE

    I was delighted to be awarded the Fellowship of the BPE (British Photographic Exhibitions) at the end of May 2015. This UK organisation runs an award scheme through its member National Exhibitions. The scheme rewards entrants who are successful in having their work accepted for exhibition and are awarded various prizes and medals. Exhibition acceptances are aggregated until, with 300 acceptances, a BPE5 (5 crown award) can be achieved. Associateship Once the 5 Crown award has been achieved, a candidate may go on to work for the Associateship. This requires A further 100 acceptances in member exhibitions  and Twenty awards using at least ten different pieces of work. Fellowship On achieving the…

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