• Great Crested Grebe and Moorhen families

    I was very lucky to be able to watch a young family of Great Crested Grebes last week in a local pond. By the time I had found out about them, the chicks were over a week old and becoming independent in getting around the pond, though they did occasionally hitch a ride on either mum or sometimes dad’s back. Unfortunately they were at quite a distance from the shore on both days that we went down to watch them, so taking photographs was a challenge. Closer in, near the edge of the lake were two families of moorhens darting in and out of the reeds and it was possible, from time…

  • Le Weekend

    Last weekend’s photography started early Saturday morning. My friends, who know I am not an early riser, will be surprised that I was up just after 5 am and on the road, with two photographer friends, by 6 am. Our destination…the RSPB reserve at Bempton Cliffs on the North Yorkshire coast. Unfortunately, a few winding roads and a slightly foggy morning brought on my motion sickness and I spent most of the first hour sitting in the car in the car park, waiting for nausea to subside. Meanwhile, my friends went off in the fog to explore and came back with the bad news that the fog was very thick…

  • Birds May 2016 Pikelow Farm

    Nature photography is becoming addictive. This could be my last visit to the hide at Pikelow for a while…as there should be plenty of insects around in the next few weeks to occupy my lens and my time…while many of the birds will undergo their summer moult. I’ve had a look through the shots that I took last week and chosen a few favourites…when I get a chance, I’ll do a better processing on some of them and print a few of the best ones.

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