• Banded Demoiselle

    It’s a few years since I was able to get near enough to photograph a banded demoiselle, in good enough light and with little enough wind. Yesterday, for once, my planned photo shoot bore fruit. I’d arranged to meet a fellow photographer “early” at Reddish Vale Country Park. Early for him meant arrival at 5:30am. Early for me meant I struggled to get there by 6:15am! However, the temperature was still low enough for the insects to be quite docile and we spent a good half hour with a couple of male demoiselles before they decided they’d had enough of our company and flew away. We moved on to dung…

  • Southport Open BPE Salon 2021

    I don’t enter many salons these days but always like to support my local Southport Open BPE Exhibition, usually with an entry of both prints and digital images. This year, due to the “c-word restrictions” they were only able to run the digital version but I do look forward to entering prints again next year. The Exhibition reported its results about 4 weeks ago but I’ve just got around to properly looking at them and recording them. I was very pleased to have 10 images accepted into the exhibition in monochrome, colour and nature…see below.

  • Big Garden Bird Watch

    On the run up to the last weekend in January, with the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch imminent, many of my social media bird watching friends were warning that most garden birds seem to mysteriously disappear in the weekend of counting…so when I spotted the long tailed tits in number on the Friday, I decided to start my count then. As it happened, the Sunday would have been the better day with lots more LTTs and twelve goldfinches, but anyway, it didn’t matter – I had already reported my 16 species. The RSPB only display your top ten species on the graph, so they left off some of my more…

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