• Dovestone October 2021

    The Dovestone reservoir and valley are favourite haunts in Autumn and, when I visited earlier this week, I realised it has been almost a year to the day since I was here before. As I live in the area, that seems to be quite surprising until you realise just how popular the place has become in the last year and a half, with congested roads, gridlock on the approach to the limited parking area, let alone people lighting BBQs in an already endangered area that was much damaged in the fires of 2018. Even the nearby village of Greenfield has been clogged up with visitors, so I kept to the…

  • Lockdown Photography Round up of 2020

    As we come to the end of another year, how many of us could have foreseen, last Christmas, how 2020 would turn out? On the 9th March I did my last live photo-club judging, at Bramhall in Cheshire. That night I suggested that we bump elbows but, of course there’s always one or two who insist on giving the usual hug and kiss. We knew something was coming, but not how fast! I had already decided that I would cancel a talk on the 11th March, which would have been given to an audience of about 100 people…they were very good about it and re-scheduled for November (which of course…

  • Autumn Landscapes

    This autumn, I was determined to get out with the camera at every opportunity if there was any prospect of good light. My subjects, the Saddleworth hills and waterways, are situated in the West Pennines, so the sun takes its time getting up above the hills in the morning, only to disappear from the valleys by mid-afternoon. The peak of autumn colour can vary, but often arrives between mid and late October, when autumn leaves quickly turn to magnificent browns, russets and golds. We are now well into autumn and, as usual in the North West of England, the weather has turned wet and windy, threatening to hinder my best…

  • Dovestone Reservoir

    I don't know how many times I have photographed this scene over the years - many, many times - but as the seasons change and the light and shade moves across the landscape, I still find I am as excited as I was the first time I saw it, all those decades ago.

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