• Persephone and the Pomegranate

    I am now six weeks into my AI experience and have found so many other enthusiasts, mostly among my photographer friends, who are taking an interest themselves. For sure, this activity around the creation of art is quite absorbing and I have become more adept at choosing the language that will allow the AI generator to achieve the images that I want to produce. Like any other tool, you need to work with it or the results can be quite disappointing. In many cases I have also imported the generated images from AI into Photoshop, where I have post-processed them, as I would process a photograph, in my own style.…

  • Exotic Insects

    In the past I’ve had the idea that I might keep some exotic insects to photograph. Probably I don’t have the dedication to set that up and to keep them alive…so I was very pleased to be invited by a colleague and friend to photograph his insects at his home. It wasn’t as easy as you might think…they don’t keep still…the locusts are inclined to jump off their perch and happily bound along the floor. The mantises were curious and moved their heads and antennae a lot…and one started to groom itself when I was in the middle of photographing it. The insects were lit with a combination of natural…

  • L&CPU Individuals’ Competition 2023

    I usually try to enter the L&CPU annual competition in both prints and projected images but this year, due to a loss of computer and printer time, I was only able to enter projected images. I was very pleased, though, with overall third place behind two members and friends from Wigan 10 (Robert Millin and Phil Barber). This is my set of 12 images.

  • RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2023

    Birds in the Garden As I sit here, writing at my computer, my feeders are once again attracting wild birds but, so far, not in the same numbers that I saw them last year, when they could be spotted waiting their turn in the bushes and trees in the garden. Right through the winter, so far, I have seen far fewer birds than last year and more singletons that don’t seem to be paired up yet. In fact, I have rarely needed to replenish the feeders. I am wondering if this is another symptom of the decline in our garden birds, or is it because, last summer, I stopped putting…

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