Saddleworth Brass Band Contest

I don’t think of myself as a street photographer, but when the opportunity arises, anything goes as far as photography is concerned. Inspired by my friend Kerstin Arnemann, whose monochrome work is wonderful and who is currently doing a street photography project, I decided to try a little monochrome street photography myself. Last evening’s Saddleworth Band Contest gave me the excuse to get out with my camera and see what I could capture.

Unfortunately, the rain came heavy and constant after our first few minutes in the high street, requiring John to dash off to the rescue to buy a plastic shopping bag to cover my camera (note to self not to forget next time that a plastic bag in the pocket beats two in the shop!). After about 40 minutes, even getting the camera out of the bag for a quick shot meant it became pretty wet and I decided to try some more candid stuff another day. I keep meaning to buy an all weather cover that will take the long lens, but maybe that’s another thing for Santa’s list later in the year!

I’ve had a fun hour or so this afternoon converting the pictures that I did manage to take and have augmented the selection with a few close ups of players taken at a previous event, which I have also just converted to monochrome.

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See Kerstin’s photography here.

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