One Saddleworth background, three photomontages

Recent doodles: All three images are built around variations on a single Saddleworth background. The first two are inspired by Swan Lake and the third an imagined parting of a young girl and her pet swan. I’ll do a deconstruction of one of these in due course.

Black Swan

This image features my friend Rachel and a shot I took here at home when she visited me in Saddleworth with her partner. The wings were added later from a separate shot. My home from home has to be Dorset and my son’s house…he lives not far from the Abbotsbury Swannery, so lots of oppportunuties for swan photos.

black swan

Pas de Deux

Sahya and Bernardo had recently danced together in Northern Ballet School’s “Swan Lake”. Unfortunately they were unable to bring their swan costumes out so we managed in the studio with a black tutu instead.

fish dive

Sweet Sorrow

This sorrowful young girl was borrowed from a street scene at the Edinburgh Festival and fitted in with my Saddleworth swan theme. The swan is obviously keen to be off but the girl is sad to see him go. Who wouldn’t be? He is rather gorgeous.

Sweet sorrow

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