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I’m a photographer based in the North West of England in an area called Saddleworth, situated in the historic County of York, though administered from the Lancashire town of Oldham! Many of my photographs are made around the lovely area of Saddleworth, especially its hills and waterways.

Photography is as familiar as sleeping and eating…in fact I seem to do much more photography related things than I do sleeping and eating these days! I am never happier than when I’m pressing the shutter button, unless it’s being in front of the computer and editing images._MG_6718

My aim is very simple and straightforward – to try to capture places, people and moments in time and make them as beautiful and interesting as possible. I was brought up taking pictures and learned how to process them in the darkroom from the age of about 5. The excitement of taking and making images has never diminished for me. In common with so many others, I have “gone digital” in recent years and now use a digital SLR for image capture. My pictures have been primarily made for my own pleasure. Some are “competition” pictures, others just an expression of my enjoyment of a day, an area or a subject.

I try to go beyond the objective recording of fact and to use self-expression to provide an interpretation of my subjects. Many of my competition images are composite. I love experimenting to see what I can achieve with blends of images from different times and different places.

Photographic Qualifications and Distinctions

I hofbpe cert smallld the Excellence Award of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP). I was very pleased to be awarded the MPAGB Award in April 2012.This is a prestigious award of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, which just over 100 people in the UK had so far achieved and I am the second woman in the North West to do so. My MPAGB panel is available for viewing here.

In April 2015, I was awarded the Fellowship of the BPE (known as FBPE), the highest award for Photographic Exhibition work in the UK…and this required a minimum of an additional 100 acceptances after the ABPE and an additional 30 new awards with a minimum of fifteen new pieces of work. I am told that only 21 people had achieved this award before me.

Organisations and responsibilities

I am a member of one of the oldest photographic societies in the UK, Oldham Photographic Society, which was founded in 1867 when photography was in its infancy. I have held most offices there over the years. 2016-2017 I am proud to have served my fourth term as President to co-incide with the society’s 150th anniversary.

I enjoyed three years with Wigan 10 from March 2013 to March 2016 and am pleased to have been one of the team that won the FIAP World Cup for clubs in 2013 and again in 2014.

Initially a hobby, photography has now become a major part of my life, as an exhibitor and judge. I was appointed to the Photographic Alliance judges list and greatly enjoy judging at national and international level, throughout the UK and have been very fortunate to have also been invited to judge in France, Belgium and Malta, where I have found working with judges of other nationalities to be educating and enjoyable.

I serve on the committee of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union, where I have also held the offices of Minutes Secretary, General Secretary and as President Feb 2010 to Feb 2012. I am currently Lecturers and Judges Secretary for the Lancashire and Cheshire Federation and organise and take part in the mentoring scheme to help club members to achieve their goals in the PAGB awards.

In 2011, I was accepted as one of about 20 Lecturers in the UK who are supported by PermaJet.

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  1. Hi Christine, Just wanted to thank you for sharing your images with us at Holmfirth last night. My favourite was the one of Bamburgh Castle which your dad didn’t like – Parents, eh! what do they know! Best wishes, Tony Butterworth.

  2. Hi Christine you just ‘liked’ one of my images on the unofficial PAGB site thank you. As usual I like to know about the people who comment on any image I post so came here. Love ALL your galleries and was delighted to see you are from Saddleworth with connections to the Oldham Club. My daughter is married to the son of Geoff Hope (Greenfield) who I think you will probably know from the club. Will use your galleries for inspiration towards CPAGB and beyond. Thank you.

  3. Hi Bob. Well, fancy that!!! I know Geoff Hope very well, though he left Oldham PS to go to Oldham Camera Club some years ago, but I sent my car to him till he retired. I haven’t seen Geoff for probably 2-3 years, though I live only a mile away. Please give him my best wishes when you see him. Thanks for enjoying my galleries. Do bear in mind that the Saddleworth pictures are not there to inspire you to CPAGB – in fact many of them wouldn’t cut the mustard there. I have a mixture of competition images and pictures for pleasure. Which is your club?

  4. Hi Christine. Main inspiration for me for CPAGB will be your MPAGB and Gothic galleries but being a Manchester lad I will still look towards your Manchester and Salford galleries for ideas. Only been interested in photography for 3 years and have not yet developed an interest for architecture or street art but if you have a camera in your hand …. who knows. My club is Mid-Somerset Camera Club, based in Glastonbury. Thanks again for your time.

  5. Just read your blog about ‘My First Year with Wigan 10’ – congratulations, all of us in the UK are proud of your group. Note that Chorley are well represented in majors as well.

    Was wondering (jokingly of course) if your club could adopt me, because: my son in law’s father used to fix your car, my daughter lives in Dobcross, I was born in Manchester, and my favourite rugby league team is Wigan? My camera club MSCC entered the GB Cup for the first time ever this year so we competed against you.

  6. Hi Bob! Well, I could always put it to the team that we have adopted members, but I’d not hold your breath. Yes, if you note in the blog I did say we have some fantastic clubs in the North West…Chorley, Chapel, North Cheshire to name only a few of them and nationwide there is some wonderful photography around. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Hi Bob
    I’m lecturing at Exeter on Thursday…if you get a chance to come over, that would be great!