One of my ambitions for the last few years has been to achieve the Master Award of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (MPAGB). The definition of this award is “a very high standard of photography, images which, in their opinion (i.e. the judges), would enjoy a considerable level of success in International Exhibitions, including consistent and frequent acceptances….and…must be of an exceptional standard.”

More information from the PAGB

Twenty images are required, in my case I entered 20 prints. The jury comprises six international level judges from the Photographic Alliance Judges List. Each judge marks each print from 2 to 5. The system is a voting system, where 4 means “Yes (at required level)”, 3 means “Near Miss”, 2 means “Below level” and 5 means “Probable Award Winner, well above the standard required”. An average mark of 22.5 is required across the set and historically something like 20% of candidates have passed with just over 100 photographers in the UK holding the award to date. I was over the moon to achieve the MPAGB award at Pontefract in 2012, with the following set of images:

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