• dewdrop18

    Macro Water Drops with Refraction

    Whilst preparing a talk on macro photography to deliver at one of my photographic clubs, I became fascinated by the tiny world of images refracted through water droplets. There are some incredibly beautiful examples to be seen on the web and my offerings here are a first attempt. As with everything in life, we become better by practice and I have already discovered some of the things that I have done wrong so far, so with a little patience, hopefully my next attempts will be better. Lesson 1 learned…Ideally, pictures taken outdoors would provide more natural looking backgrounds…whereas my indoor shots, in some cases, managed to make a perfectly formed…

  • Photographing insects in the garden

    Yesterday I wandered into the realm of photographing insects. This is something I am not totally new to, having dabbled a bit with damselflies and butterflies in the good old days of film, but it’s at least 20 years since I dabbled and even then I was no expert. However, because of my previous experience, I was already aware of the theory and practice of “macro” photography, which I learned at the time. “Macro” really means subjects that are life size or greater at the film/sensor plane, but the term is often loosely used to refer to close up photography of small subjects and I will use it in this…

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