Lie of the Land

Setting up a bird hide here is going to be challenging.

The front of the house has little garden area.



This is the front garden (left side). It’s very steep!


From the top of the steps it levels out to a patio area:


…and this is where I setup last year for the wren, for example. I shot through the patio window with some fabric to create a hide when the door was slightly open. The following shot shows the view from the patio and why all the shots had a plain bright green grass background, which I found a bit limiting.


Beyond the patio there is no level area…


…and going around to the other side of the house is even worse…with no level bit at all.


This photo shows how steep it is up to the sit-ooterie. I’m standing in the garden almost up top roof height.


and from the top of the garden we are above roof level.



I could maybe put the hide on the sit-ooterie and put the feeders up near the trees, but the only other alternative is the patio area.

The back of the house faces east. The top of the garden is in the shade of a huge oak tree across the back lane in the morning and the patio area is in the shade in the afternoon. The top of the garden by the sit-ooterie gets the evening light.



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