A Long Winter

It seems like a long winter. I’ve been cooped up indoors for much of the time, though have managed a couple of local landscape trips on fine days…longing to be able to get a bit further afield in due course, though am self-isolating again at the moment. What better than a scroll through recent images to see what’s fit to be processed and shared.

One day last week, an early morning start, unusual for me, allowed me to catch the sun just sneaking over the hilltops and warming up a part of the landscape. I was pleased with a few of the photographs. Though they are of my familiar local area, close to home, each time I seem to be blessed with different lighting.

Also occupying my thoughts has been my hope to set up a studio permanently in my garage. That won’t be possible yet, so I am carrying all the lighting equipment up to my living room and setting up there. I’ve had two sessions with the Tudor costume that I made before Christmas, with Mike and David…and with further props purchased and found, I intend more. Here are a few for starters and I will add to the gallery as I process more photos. There are plenty more to give me ideas for some creative fine-art images.

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