Summer Birds

It does seem that, after six months of social isolation, I really am becoming predominantly a nature photographer…for now anyway! Staying home concentrates the mind on what’s happening around the garden…whether it’s because there’s less pollution this year, or just because I’ve paid more attention to feeding the birds, we’ve had such a lot of visitors, numbering 21 different species so far (if you count in the big birds…the pheasants, jackdaws, magpies, moor-hens and collared doves). A great spotted woodpecker made a few stopovers, but proved too shy for the camera…though perseverance enabled me to capture the elusive nuthatch, who only visits occasionally.

From June to August, we were treated to a number of baby birds feeding in the garden; there were young chaffinches, a dunnock, several robins, blue tits, a greenfinch and a first time for long-tailed tits and goldfinches, which came to the feeders mob-handed. There were surprise visits from juvenile siskins too. Sadly, a couple of the baby robins soon became ex-robins, and my ginger cat had a very guilty look when challenged. We still have a few juveniles coming to the feeders and some of the adult birds are already starting to look a bit more spruced up after their summer moult.

I hope you enjoy the galleries below – first the juveniles and families, then the grown ups.

Juveniles and family groups

The Grown Ups

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