Saddleworth – The “Crooked Tree” Walk

My lock-down photo diary continues. We have now been in lock-down for 8 weeks, slightly longer than the time imposed by government. It hasn’t been all that much of a chore, because there has been plenty to do around the house and garden plus lots of opportunity for photography at home. Walks have been mostly just through the fields above us or along the old railway track, neither of which are very picturesque.

From yesterday, regulations have been relaxed to allow exercise at greater distance. In fact, the walk we did today can be done from home…up the fields behind us to Knowle Top and then taking the track along the contour of the hill towards what I call the “crooked trees”, through the area known as “Dick Clough”. It’s a walk which I love at any time of year, but is better pictorially in the autumn and winter. Nevertheless, it was great to be out on a sunny day with the camera and not feel confined to the closer footpaths.

The “crooked trees” are some twisted hawthorns, seen just left of centre on the panorama. The scenery along the way is lovely and it’s difficult to realise you’re only a short distance from Greenfield village.

On the walk, the television mast is seen at the top of Wharmton and, looking through the old gateway, the memorial at the top of Pots ‘n’ Pans is visible. For the more energetic, there is a junction in the path to take the walker up to the obelisk (memorial), or continue at lower level where the path runs above Dovestone reservoir and comes out opposite Binn Green Car Park. This is a great place to be any season of the year.

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