The Trials of a Would-be Nature Photographer

Photographing birds in the garden…or not!

I have both read and received good advice about photographing birds in the garden and have had some success in the past.

  1. “It’s easy to photograph birds in your garden”.
  2. Set up some natural looking logs near the feeder.
  3. Pay attention to the direction of the light and the backgrounds.
  4. Feed the birds regularly…wait till plenty are visiting…see what times they come.
  5. Erect a hide about 12 feet from the feeders. (My hide is a pop up with woodland camouflage draped over it and clipped in place.)
  6. Give the birds their favourite foods. Put some in holes in the logs.
  7. Wait for the birds to accept the hide and are coming back to feed.
  8. Sit patiently in the hide and take amazing photographs.

Problem – after three days, no birds on the feeders or on my interesting logs. The food is sitting there untouched. After three days, the hide blew over in strong wind. Within an hour, plenty of birds on the logs and feeders, so the following garden birds were photographed in other places and from other hides and at other times!

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