Ragged Victorians “The Great Unwashed”

It was one of those very hot days this summer, with the temperature at about 30 degrees C, when we went to Cromford Steam Rally…in my case to see the ragged Victorians. It didn’t take me long to find them, keeping to the shade of the biggest structure…the merry-go-round. Not allowed to change their clothes, they were all feeling the effects of the heat, so they had plans to find some shade under trees at the end of the site. Within a few minutes a couple of colleagues had turned up too and one had the idea to “borrow” a horse.

We did, in fact, photograph the group sitting in the grass under trees…so there were no contextual backgrounds on this occasion. Consequently, I have added “suitable backgrounds” to all my original photographs, which I hope you will feel enhance the images.

The ‘Ragged Victorians – The Great Unwashed’ are an award winning living history group. In 1851, low class Victorians often had no home and no regular income and there was no benefit system to support them during times of need. The ragged Victorians reconnect us with that age and give an impression of what life was like for the poor, through their re-enactments, their attention to detail and authenticity.

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