Adobe Portfolio

As part of my Adobe Photographer’s package, I have taken advantage of the Adobe Portfolio app which allows me to create a free “Portfolio” website.

Of course I already have my own website (you are on it right now!) but with the sheer amount of images that I upload, that is becoming very big…and so a linked area with its own cloud space is quite a useful add-on. Portfolio isn’t a replacement for your “real” website but can be seen as another space to display images, just like you do with Facebook galleries. However, if you don’t have a web site, it may be quite sufficient as a showcase for your work and it comes free with your subscription. Of course, if you cancel your subscription to Adobe, you also lose the Portfolio feature and I do not think that it is transferable, so you would have to begin again elsewhere.

Portfolio is very easy to set up and the desperately needed improvements, that Adobe have included, now allow it to behave and look like a regular website, with navigation links to galleries containing sets of images…and it is also possible to add custom pages. You can be up and running in half an hour with your first gallery and it is pretty easy to personalise the templates and upload images. Launch the Portfolio site via your Adobe Creative Cloud app and get started.

I like the new layouts that have been added recently and the design features have become more responsive and less clunky than they were last year, so I updated to one of those yesterday. Portfolio links seamlessly with Adobe Behance…in the past I used to create my galleries in Behance and push them to the Portfolio site, both of which processes required a bit of work…but actually it is now easier the other way round. Create a new page in Portfolio and upload your images, then push them with a single click to your Behance profile…saves time and effort and couldn’t be easier. However you don’t have to use the Behance option at all, if you don’t want to.

Once created, managing the content of your Portfolio site is easy, with simple toggle switches that can turn galleries on and off, or you can delete, re-arrange or edit them. Don’t forget to publicise it so that your friends can find you!

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