To leave or not to leave…that is the question


I have a surrealism project on the go, one of the regular “challenges” that we set at our photo club, Oldham Photographic Society. We began to set these challenges about three years ago and we do six per year. Also ongoing, we have an insect photography challenge and our previous four projects were macro, time lapse, high speed flash and painting with light.

I’ve done a bit of surreal photomontage in the past and have lots of books for inspiration (and there’s plenty of inspiration on the web) but I was struggling to come up with something new. Although surrealism involves the juxtaposition of disparate elements or an avant garde approach, for me, somewhere or other, a story needs to emerge, however bizarre that story becomes.

So, current events have inspired the development of this composite…it’s amazing how the mind works at 1 o’clock in the morning. Whether you vote to remain or to leave the EU at the up-coming referendum, I hope this picture causes you a little smile.


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