Blists Hill Visit

I was very pleased to have a return visit to lecture at Wrekin Arts a couple of weeks ago and stayed overnight with a friend and fellow photographer. Blists Hill isn’t so far away from Wrekin, so I had planned a short visit to the museum on my way home the following day.

Being a Saturday, it was quite busy with young families, so getting pictures was a bit of a challenge – as was the lighting as the sun was very strong at times and I had to be patient and wait for “modern dressers” to be out of shot. The greatest challenge was the very low light inside the shops and cottages. I had decided to use high ISO settings rather than flash and my indoor settings were anything from 800-1600 ISO, depending on the amount of daylight. This kept noise down to an acceptable level whilst allowing to hand hold at reasonable exposure. All the images in the gallery have just been cropped and contrasts adjusted…leaving any artistic treatment to be done another day!

Here are a few of my favourites from the day.

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