Edinburgh Salon

Edinburgh Photographic Society hold a prestigious international open exhibition each year and this year is their 150th!!! To mark this, they have struck a special commemorative medal and everyone who has a print accepted will receive one. Rumour has it that only 7.9% of prints entered were accepted this year. I was very pleased to hear that my print “Gerbera” was included and also was awarded a PAGB Gold Medal by exhibition selector Gabriel O’Shaughnessy. I was very excited at the news and I very much hope to go to the exhibition and see the prints at first hand.

The irony is that Gerbera was my last-minute choice…an image that I have largely stopped using in favour of my newer “gothic” creations, which formed the bulk of my submission, which were rejected. Just goes to show, we’re the worst judges of our own work! Anyway, here it is again…




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