Pictures to Exe 5.6 – The Basics – Part 2 – The Timeline

  • Working with the Timeline;
  • a first look at the timeline;
  • changing the duration of the image transitions;
  • changing the timing of the slides;
  • importing the waveform for the music; looking at the waveform;
  • moving slides along the timeline;
  • spreading the slides evenly along the timeline;
  • arrange selected points along the timeline;
  • toggle between the timeline and the slides;
  • play the show from a selected slide;
  • preview the show;
  • create the show;
  • create backup of the show;
  • save and close the project file;
  • play back the exe file.

Tip: to see the tutorials FULL SCREEN, click the 4-arrows button to the right side of the control bar.