The woes of losing a hard drive… — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Christine
    I know someone who works in data retrieval if that helps?

  2. Backing up can be a pain but not as painful as losing your good work. P.s. did the whole of LCPU go to Northumberland this year?

  3. Thanks Paul – I know how to get the files off – it’s just a bit of hard slog and there are not very many files that matter – almost everything is backed up elsewhere…but with a total of over 126,000 image files in my Lightroom catalogue, it’s lucky that there are only a few hundred marooned on the bad drive. When I download from memory cards I use Lightroom and save a second copy on a different drive simultaneously. Only a few files were not done that way, was just a little careless once or twice!

  4. Chris, that is seriously bad news.
    Since losing data years ago, I have always made a point to invest in RAID hard drive backup to minimise the risk of hard drive failure, and as such have mirrored network attached storage drives and USB RAID (IcyBox) devices to ensure my work is always replicated. I don’t trust myself to make the vital 100% back-up!
    Brett (Macc camera club)