The proof book has arrived and it’s so exciting! After all the months of research, writing and sourcing photographs and illustrations, at last the publication date of “A Victorian Society” is tantalisingly close…hopefully we will go live on Amazon next week and, in any case, the book will be available for the 150th anniversary of the Oldham Photographic Society on 16th May 2017!

With 314 pages and more than 300 illustrations and a page size of 11×8.5 inches.

ISBN-13: 978-1545379851
ISBN-10: 1545379858

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A book about an old society? Sounds a bit boring and dry? No way!! It’s a book about people. It’s full of fascinating stories about Victorians…such as the men who founded some of Lancashire’s dynasties of seaside photographers…the photographer whose magic lantern caused a major explosion at Chadderton Town Hall with several hundred children present…the men who founded a sewing machine, motor bike and car building business in Oldham…the entrepreneur whose engineering business grew to become the biggest supplier of kitchen catering equipment in the country…the artists, architects, engineers and cotton spinners who made Oldham great and those who took on civic duties to became Oldham’s Mayors and pioneering doctors….their stories are all here and they give an insight into the Victorian Age of Invention.These men came together in a social group because they were members of the same society, the Oldham Photographic Society.

If you are interested in learning about the rise of Oldham as the biggest cotton spinning town in the world…and it’s eventual decline…if you are interested in early photography…if you are a genealogist researching early photography or the lives of some of the entrepreneurial people of Oldham…or if you are simply interested in Victorian times and old photographs…this book will interest you.  It is crammed full of pictures, many from the Victorian era and many of which have never been published before.

One of the earliest continuously meeting photographic societies in the country, Oldham Photographic Society has a unique history…and our archive of minute books and photographs goes right back to 1867, with a carte-de-visite album lovingly kept by those early photographers. Many of the early societies folded, merged, or changed their name, but Oldham Photographic Society has met continuously for 150 years. What an achievement!

In the days when newspapers and journals didn’t have photographs in them…when books only had engravings…how did the earliest photographers get to see photographs from the pioneers of the time? How did a group of men from Oldham, most of whom had humble beginnings,  come together through the art and science of photography? How did the society they formed prosper and then decline? What did they do at their meetings? Who were these people – where did they come from and what happened to them? Did they make their fortunes or were they, like the town, doomed to eventually decline? All these questions are answered in one book…”A Victorian Society”.

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