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  1. My Christine, you’ve really got your teeth into this one! I can’t believe you were sitting inside doing this on this lovely agternoon! It might be the only summer day we get this year! I read your earlier article with interest. There is a significant difference between club and salon photographic competitions. I have answered this poll with my own club in mind.

  2. Ruth, worse than that – I had spent the whole afternoon preparing a lecture for Thursday evening…just managed about 20 minutes out in the garden watching the cats running around! Put the poll together whilst making dinner…not to be taken too seriously, but in response to some questions that have been put to me. Thanks for completing it!

  3. Item 3, “traditionally” photographs have always been manipulated, as you said in your article. Some people seem to think there was some “golden age” of photography where images didn`t lie, totaly wishfull thinking.
    I think it is significant that the people who want some sort of separation never actually propose a mechanism for doing it.

  4. Christine, I love your work as probably does every follower of your blogs. This may of course lead to a slight bias in the poll … as if I didn’t appreciate creative work I would never have come across it. I just thought I should point that out in all fairness. I personally am fairly new to DSLR photography and have had some modest success in my first year of club competitions. I would love to get more creative with my images but find it quite alarming and disappointing that some fellow club and league members may view these early attempts with hostility rather than encouragement and support. That the skillful process of personally identifying models and locations, taking multiple images and seamlessly blending them together into something I find pleasing should render me less of a photographer to those who have no interest in doing such work is disappointing to say the least. I have personally suggested that we have an elite Traditional section where Nature rules apply so that those who do not wish to have their images judged against those who either do composites or use software for image manipulation can compete on a level playing field with each other, leaving the General section to cover everything else. Everyone agrees that software use and composites are difficult to define, but if the already working model of the Nature category rules were applied to Traditional work then everyone should be catered for. The amount the new category is used will give a clear picture as to how much of a genuine problem there is out there. What do you think?

  5. @Digital Deva. Thanks for taking the time to make such a considered reply. Firstly, it is not only Blog followers who can take part in the poll. The Blog is publicised via networked Blogs and also on Facebook. Anyone can answer the poll and the Facebook photographic community is a very mixed bunch. Also I was speaking at a club tonight and they had varied opinions, so I encouraged them to share their opinions on the poll or by commenting on the Blog. This poll is not scientific and we cannot draw any meaningful conclusions from it – though if there is a big response in terms of numbers it will give some guide as to strength of feeling in the community.

    If your club is big enough to separate into categories and it’s what the members want, good luck to you. What saddens me most is the hostility that you have described coming from some people. If we could all appreciate what others do and be inclusive rather than exclusive in our deliberations, we may come to an amicable solution.

  6. Hi Christine, thanks for your response. If I had read your excellent “to separate or not to separate” article before posting I would have had all the answers I need. I do apologise.

    Re any bias in the poll. I am even more interested in the results now I fully understand the varied audience that will hopefully take part in it. At least the question has been dealt with early on for anyone else who has the same thought so I do hope you understand me mentioning it.

    Having read the complaints of the club in your post I have to say that I can count myself extremely lucky with my own club who are on the whole very helpful and supportive with just the odd grumble. We have a tradition of helping each other especially with software skills and hands on advice. My previous comments were directed in the main at the photographic club world in general as amply illustrated in the above mentioned post.

    I suppose that as someone who always tries to give support in any way I can to other members, the thought of ruining someone elses competition experience in the future, as the issue becomes more prominent, by my own choice of style of entry is one that makes me very uncomfortable.

    However, on a positive note, I recently and bravely entered a more unusual print into a competition. A fairly simply constructed 2 layer composite with a bit of Topaz, dodging and burning etc. I watched the judging from behind my scarf. The Judge, Jane Lines commented ” I probably shouldn’t say this being married to Adrian … but I find this a bit weird!!!”. Gulp!!! It did well scoring 19/20 in the end, but the most amazing thing was the amount of members who approached me and really seemed to appreciate it. Not all …. but way more than enough. So maybe there is hope for us all! 😉