Lecture dates

Existing lecture Dates will be posted on the Permajet Web Site along with lecture dates of other Permajet Lecturers.

Cost to clubs

Visits booked by Federation clubs are subject to travelling and subsistence costs but without any extra fee. The PAGB rate for travel expenses is “cost of fuel plus 30 pence per mile”. Accommodation overnight and a meal, before the event/on the journey, may be necessary for more distant venues. As a rule of thumb an hour and a half drive, each way, is the longest journey I would do in an evening without an overnight stay.

For non-Federation photographic clubs and non-photographic clubs, a fee and expenses will be agreed at the time of booking, depending on the event.

Booking a talk

Club Lectures and Judging for PAGB Federation clubs can be booked in the first instance by telephone or email using information in the PAGB handbook. Alternatively, you can use the simple email form on the contact page for your first approach.

A little about the Lectures

If you are interested in booking for your club, please refer to the information at the bottom of this page. A little information about each talk is given below. For 2017, only two talks will be available.

As a PermaJet supported lecturer, I would wish to display PermaJet products and some of my print work even when the talk is a digital one. I will also bring PermaJet brochures and I can bring boxes of paper to sell at a discount. Please arrange this with me beforehand, so that your members can pre-order and pay on the night.


1. In My View

My original print talk is regularly updated with new images, so the title doesn’t change but the content does. It will contain a variety of subjects in colour and some monochrome work included. Clubs who have not seen my work before are recommended to start with this talk. “In my View” will feature PermaJet products and I can demonstrate different paper surfaces and discuss printing techniques. Input from the audience is welcomed.

2. Portfolio

This is an evening of digital presentations and will feature PermaJet products and a display of my printing. The talk will include some of my latest work and sets of images of various genres will be included, such as sport, landscape and nature in addition to the creative work that might be expected from me. This talk is suited to larger and more general audiences, where viewing prints on an easel may be difficult. I will need some tables or display boards to put out prints and display PermaJet products.


I found a write-up on one of my lectures, quite by chance when looking for something else…and was quite blown away with how much the writer had taken in from a one and a half hour lecture. On the one hand it made me very proud and on the other very embarrassed, but for anyone who wishes to share my embarrassment…it should be found at this link.