Feb 122014


Origin of the Name

There are a number of theories on the origin of the name “Dewsbury”.

They are:

  • An Anglo-Saxon name referring to a watery “burgh”, or fortified manor.
  • A Mercian name, after the founder of a fortified settlement in the area, named Dui, Dew or Deus – “beria” meaning strongold.
  • “God’s Hill”, from the old British word “Duw”, meaning God, and “burg”, meaning a hill.
  • “Tiu’s Hill”, as above, but derived from the Norse and Germanic god Tiu.

Domesday Book

The Domesday book of 1086 records the name of the town as Deusberia. Here is a summary of the Domesday entry:

  • Manor of Wakefield.
  • Taxable value 3 geld units.
  • Value to lord in 1066 £0.5. Value to lord in 1086 £0.5.
  • Households…6 villagers. 2 smallholders. 1 priest.
  • Ploughland…2 ploughlands and 4 men’s plough teams.
  • 1 church.
  • Lord in 1066 King Edward (Wessex)
  • Lord in 1086 King William (Norman)
  • Tenant-in-chief in 1086 William (of Normandy)
  • Hundred: Morley
  • County of York
  • Population: 9 households
  • Total tax assessed: 3 geld units