This page is devoted to Toby and the Ginger Ninja (Pepper). Toby and Pepper live with us. They are two adult cats who don’t get on but have learned to share a space.


Toby was born in August 2008. He’s a bit of a scaredy-cat and lets his little “sister” get the better of him. Mostly he likes to be out and about, regardless of weather, and is at his most friendly outdoors. Toby is a relentless mouser but these days he keeps them out of the house in case his little sister steals them.

Toby’s first months:


Pepper was born in June 2012, a female ginger, her mother is a Bengal cat and father presumed to be a ginger. She is small in size but has a big personality and is very dominant over her house-mate Toby. Pepper likes her home comforts and is very “person-centred”. She has had to be because Toby will have nothing to do with her.

In recent months Pepper has become an even more relentless mouser than her house-mate, bringing home up to 5 catches per day 🙁 However, being the more intelligent of the two cats, she takes them back out again when told to!

Pepper’s first months:

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